Making Better Insects

Unlocking the genetic potential of Black Soldier Fly farming

About Beta bugs

We are an insect genetics company developing and distributing black soldier fly breeds to the insect farming sector


Insects improved for industry

Black Soldier Fly Breeds that improve your company's on-farm productivity

Leading Breeding Programme

We score and select for multiple quantity traits in parallel, for egg, larval and fly traits. In this way, we increase gain whilst minimizing trade-off in trait performance.

Satisfying industry needs

We engage directly with our industry to understand the overall trends and requirements of producers, which informs our breeding programme. If you have trait suggestions, you’re always welcome to get in touch.

A genetics partner with singular focus

We believe in sector-specialization. We solely focus on developing and distributing genetics to producers. In doing so, we are your partner in achieving scale.

Black Soldier Fly

Bringing Commercial Benefit

We are commercially-minded. This is why our breeds are developed to address the major challenge of our industry – improved productivity.

Addressing your own needs

We understand that each producers’ facility and process will differ. We work with you to learn more about what you do and your specific challenges to ensure you can access our genetics.

Forward-thinking in outlook

We never stop making better insects. This means we keep in mind future challenges our sector will face and how to address them through our breeds. 

What We Offer

Developing and distributing breeds for improved productivity


Insects Designed Our Industry

Through combining biotechnology and quantitative genetics with our understanding of the market, we develop black soldier fly bred for improved productivity. With a first focus on quantity traits for larvae and flies, we provide our sector with improvements in the traits that impact the bottom line.


Egg Deliveries

We distribute our breeds in the form of eggs and young larvae, grown and dispatched from The Multiplier. These are supplied as regular shipments to your facility.


Continuous Improvements

It doesn't end here. Our breeding programme never stops making better insects. By working with us as a genetics partner and supplier, you are able to access genetics that keeps improving your operation’s bottom line over time.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae
How It Works

How You Can Get a Better Strain

Using a combination of biotechniques and a state of the art genetic breeding programme we are creating breeds of Black Soldier Fly optimized for industrial needs. 

Working with us means being able to access these breeds on a regular basis, without having to do the hard work and R&D that breeding companies undertake.

If you’re interested please get in touch so that we can map out how we can progress together!

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Our flagship product, HiPer-Fly®️ is bred with a main focus on quantity traits that increase producer yield. 

We select for these traits in parallel within our breeding programme, whilst monitoring for performance trade-offs and in-breeding depression. We regularly evaluate our trait portfolio to ensure existing traits remain relevant, whilst including new quantitative and qualitative traits that increase Black Soldier Fly performance and functionality as an ingredient.

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