We are making insects better

At Beta Bugs we know the insect industry has huge potential, both environmentally and economically. Insects, such as the Black Soldier Fly, are excellent sources of protein for feed as well as a broad range of other resources from bio-materials to fuel.

However, having only recently been domesticated, insects, unlike other agricultural species, are far from optimised for industry. There are huge improvements to be made in efficiency, quality of produce and ease of farming. At Beta Bugs we are changing this through the application of state of the art breeding programmes and tried and tested bio-techniques.


Your own specialised insects

Strains tailored to your company to bring the utmost benefit

Our aim is to stimulate the growth of a new and environmentally beneficial industry and we are doing this by bringing real benefits directly to farms.

Working with us means you select the traits that will bring the greatest benefit to your company. Whether these are growth rate, protein content, fat composition, temperature tolerance or anything else you may need we will do our utmost to ensure we can supply a strain that provides them. 




Insects designed for you

Through our unique combination of biotech and advanced breeding we are creating a genetic library from which we selectively breed. We will work with your company to ensure the insects we provide you give the utmost improvements in the traits that matter most to you.

Brood-stock delivery

Once your strain is ready we will provide regular deliveries of pupae to your facility. We will provide a full analysis of their performance and work with you to repopulate your facility with your new optimised strain.

Continuous improvements

It doesn't end there. We continuously run an intensive breeding programme. This means each time we deliver new brood-stock to your company they will provide greater benefits imparting increasing revenue, efficiency, performance and quality.


How it works

How you can get a better strain

Using a combination of biotechniques and a state of the art genetic breeding programme we are creating strains with performance that far outstrips natural strains. Using these two techniques we are creating a library of strains.

Working with us means we select certain strains for your specific companies needs and cross breed them to create insects optimised for your facility. We then provide you with fresh stock at regular intervals. Each stock more productive than the last. In this way we ensure that every year you benefit from using our strains will give you a minimum of a 2% increase in productivity. 

If you're interested please get in touch and let us see how we can progress together!



Who We Are Working With


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Co-funded by the COSME programme
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Interested in improved insect strains for your company? Fancy a chat or want to collaborate? We'd love to hear from you!

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Roslin Innovation Centre
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