At Beta Bugs we are

Accelerating our industry's growth

Through developing and distributing Black Soldier Fly breeds

What We Do

Providing the missing link in the insect protein supply chain.


Our focus

Sticking to what we do best

Since Day One, Genetics has been our sole focus. We have built our Company’s strategy, technology and team around developing and distributing Black Soldier Fly breeds

We leave large-scale production to Black Soldier Fly protein producers, our customers, who improve their bottom lines through our product. In doing so, we avoid unnecessary competition, and instead jointly focus our energies on scaling our industry.

Our view

Our view on our industry

We are firm believers in a horizontal supply chain, coupled with sector specialization. Specialization means focus, which means more progress. 

Our industry is now segmenting horizontally. New market entrants have the opportunity to buy increasing amounts of “off-the-shelf” systems to establish an insect farm. Genetics forms part of this supply chain, supplying the biological software that runs in farming hardware.

Through this combination, insect farming will become part of the solution in addressing our growing climate crisis. We would be arrogant to say that insect protein can meet the total protein requirements of the entire agri-food industry, but we believe it can play a significant role. 

Our Journey

A Brief History

Beta Bugs was founded in 2017 by Thomas Farrugia, with early-stage investment from Deep Science Ventures in London. Securing early-stage grant funding, the company relocated operations to the Easter Bush Campus, a world-leading agri-food research, work and study environment, just outside of Edinburgh, in 2019. 

In 2020, during the CoVID-19 lockdowns, we benefited from EIC Accelerator, Scottish Government and InnovateUK Transforming Food Production funding, turning a time of uncertainty and challenge into one of opportunity and growth.

As of 2022, we are a dedicated, talented and hard-working team of 12 working at the next frontier in animal breeding, with the ambition and drive to build a commercially successful world-leader in our sector.

Our team

The People Behind Our Success


Thomas Farrugia

CEO and Founder

Suzy Purcell

Head of Finance

Mark Richardson

Head of Operations

Nicola Gardner

Creative Marketing & Media Manager

Lindy Stewart

Colony Manager
Maria Martinez Castillero

Dr Maria Martinez Castillero


Sam Grainger

R&D Specialist

Dr Isobel Swinscoe

Regulation Specialist

Conor Mullins

Colony Team Lead

Victoria Allen

Colony Technician

Jack McWhinnie

Colony Technician

Jonathan Fisher

Production Manager

Kaylene Jensen

Production Operative

Philip J Wilkinson OBE

Non-Executive Chairman

Dr Graeme Dear

Non-Executive Director