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ALL ABOUT FEED : Insects Continue to Draw Interest as Soya/Fishmeal Alternative


Insects continue to draw interest as soya/fishmeal alternative


larvae in blue tray

Insect genetics company, Beta Bugs, believes feeding insect protein to poultry will be a normal choice for UK producers within the next 5 years.

With the industry looking at alternative protein sources to offset the issues around the use of soya, Beta Bugs says insect protein is emerging as a potentially cost-effective source.

Promotes growth and gut health

The company, which is distributing black soldier fly breeds from its Edinburgh research base, says the protein leads to strong growth while the oil derived from the process at the same time enhances gut health.

Insect production

Thomas Farrugia, Beta Bugs chief executive officer, told delegates at the recent UK Pig and Poultry Fair, growing insects was similar to running a chicken shed, with the same system of temperature control, feed and water and the environment.

Working out of the renowned Roslin Institute, Beta Bugs claims to provide the missing link in the insect protein chain – genetics – developing and distributing BSF breeds. After on-farm delivery, the eggs hatch into larvae and grow rapidly from day 5 to 14 when they are ready to use. Insects are hugely efficient with up to 8,000% increase in mass.



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