Buzzing Magazine: Q&A with Thomas Farrugia

The Q&A: Thomas Farrugia, Founder & CEO of Beta Bugs Thomas Farrugia originally hails from Malta but it is in Scotland that he found his calling: insect breeding. It doesn’t seem like the obvious career trajectory for a doctor in chemistry, but like every scientist worth his salt, Thomas saw a problem (inefficiencies) in an […]

KTN: Insectrial Revolution – Shaping the Future of Sustainable Protein

Insectrial Revolution: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Protein Insect protein has the potential to help address key global challenges such as feeding a growing world population while reducing land use and providing environmental benefits key to net zero targets. 15 UK organisations have come together to accelerate the development of cutting edge technology to upcycle […]

Midlothian Science Zone: Case Study on Beta Bugs

Case Study on Beta Bugs Ltd Beta Bugs Limited is a young, entrepreneurial company, established in 2017, that develops and distributes high-performance insect breeds as a source of protein for animal feed and is at the forefront of driving a sustainable bio economy in Scotland. Beta Bugs Limited is an agri-food biotechnology company, based at the […]