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BEEKENKAMP VERPAKKINGEN : The New Beetle Tray for Mealworms and Egg Production

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The New Beetle Tray for Mealworms and Egg Production


Who are Beekenkamp Verpakkinggen?

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has been a producer and supplier of various logistics solutions for more than 35 years. For several years now, they have also been providing targeted solutions for insect breeding. Together with their practical experience, they look at how they can take this new industry to a higher level.

Introducing the Beetle Inlay Tray

After the introduction of several insect rearing trays for mealworm and BSF (Black Soldier Fly) production, Beekenkamp can now announce a beetle inlay tray. The beetle inlay tray for mealworm cultivation has been developed in collaboration with their customers and meets the need to separate the mealworm beetles from the eggs to realize a higher egg yield together with serious labor savings.

The beetle tray for mealworm egg production will be placed into their 6206-production crate. At the bottom of the production crate there is a thin layer of wheat. The beetle tray with plastic mesh bottom surrounded by a raised edge, fits perfectly in the crate and the mesh is in direct contact with the wheat. The mesh bottom does cover 100% of the production crate bottom to have the most efficient food contact and production area surface. The Tenebrio Molitor deposits the eggs with their ovipositor through the mesh in the food at the bottom of the production crate. This insert bottom keeps the flour beetles separated from the laid eggs, so no eggs from the competition can be eaten.


Beekenkamp beetle tray
New beetle trays for mealworm and egg production from Beekenkamp Verpakkingen


The beetle trays can be removed from the insect boxes both manually and automatically after several days to one week, depending on beetle activity. The crates go to production where eggs become larvae and finally mealworm protein. The beetles on the beetle trays can be mixed with new fresh beetles to secure a high egg production level.
For gripping, the handles on the beetle trays have two options; depending on the way of handling, you can choose between single handles only on the short sides (to keep the most optimal airflow) or double handles on all sides.

The beetle trays including the beetles on top, can be stacked on top of each other. They do have a stacking height of 50 mm to keep enough space in between. For the mesh we have a standard mesh size, chosen for its perfect density. However, Beekenkamp can produce with any mesh size you like for your own situation. The beetle tray and the mesh bottom are combined into one piece. They are made of 100% PPc and are easy to clean. Production from virgin PPc means they can be processed for years and are 100% recyclable and reusable after.

Are you interested in this insect breeding tray or are you looking for your own unique breeding tray for your insect cultivation?

With an in-house expert in the field of product design & technical drawing, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen can realize new products in a short period of time. Please feel free to ask them about the possibilities.


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For more information about BEEKENKAMP VERPAKKINGEN , please read pages 25-26 of Beta Buzz #3 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information on BEEKENKAMP VERPAKKINGEN, please contact sales@beekenkamp.nl