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Beta Bits Newsletter – Recent News from the Insect Farming Industry


We Round Up Some Recent News from Beta Bugs in our First Newsletter of  2023


Beta Bits – A round up of Beta Bugs ‘best bits’

Beta Bits is our new newsletter, where we round up the ‘best bits’ from Beta Bugs and the ever-growing insect farming industry! We will also share regular updates on our progress and plans for the future.

Last year, despite some challenges, the team at Beta Bugs has been hard at work to deliver on its dual goals of developing and distributing better insects to the insect farming sector via the HiPer-Fly® breeding programme and The Multiplier®’s egg production capabilities.

Working on these goals enable us to deliver high-performance genetics at scale, providing a seamless offering to customers.


black soldier flies in cages
HiPer-Fly® Breeding Programme 
The breeding programme continues to make consistent improvements in productivity across each of the traits we select for and we can now evidence the genetic progress achieved within these traits – an industry first.
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Production @ The Multiplier®
The Multiplier®, our egg production site, is finalised. Black soldier flies are being reared within the environmentally controlled cabins, enabling us to achieve a very consistent production, ensuring our products go through a rigorous internal quality assurance process.
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BSF Starter Packs

Over the past months we have been selling more BSF Starter Packs and continue to supply our customer base, where we have now secured recurring worldwide orders. Some of our customers are now in the process of up-scaling, and we continue to see an increase in the number of operators diversifying into this space.

Furthermore, farmers can use agricultural product that has not been taken up by the supply chain as a feed for growing black soldier fly larvae on, turning a potential waste stream into a circular protein source. Lastly, the frass (insect excreta) is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, meaning it can be used as an on-farm fertilizer to reduce fertilizer costs or sold on to create a further revenue stream.


Beta Buzz

We also launched our second issue of Beta Buzz – our publication for the insect farming sector. Packed with information on how to set up an insect farm, this issue also included contributions from industry experts and showcased Asian insect farming operations. Beta Buzz proves to be a great asset for bringing the industry together and plans are already on the way for the third issue, which will be available around March 2023.

How Beta Buzz is Nurturing the Insect Farming Industry

Beta Bugs Ltd, developer and distributor of insect genetics, recognised the need for such a publication that would collate and bring the insect farming industry together. The first issue of Beta Buzz had an overwhelming response and was welcomed by the insect farming and agri-food industry, being hailed as a valuable resource for anyone involved/wanting to get involved in the sector.

Following on from this response, Beta Buzz #2 was created to help bridge the gap between businesses and customers struggling to find the required and most up to date information all in one place so taking into account our audience, the Beta Buzz team has included articles and perspectives on the sector, in line with the publications aim of making the industry more open and communicative. Alongside this, the industry-first technology and service providers showcase features a range of new companies and technologies which help set up Black Soldier Fly farms.


“…it is very exciting to see insect farming become more mainstream and widely acknowledged as evidenced by the talks, discussions and technology showcases at leading agricultural trade shows such as VIV Europe and Eurotier. In parallel, equipment suppliers from the pig and poultry industry are using their expertise to develop new products for the insect farming sector.”
– Thomas Farrugia, Founder & CEO



We have also been busy engaging with the wider agri-food supply chain – meeting with civil servants alongside other UK insect-farm CEOs to discuss the current regulatory landscape and speaking to stakeholders at the Institute of Agricultural Management’s Annual Conference.



The team at Beta Bugs are talented, committed and excited to be working at the next frontier of animal breeding. In line with the company values, Beta Bugs is proud to have established a culture which encourages development, performance, accountability, teamwork and trust. If you’re interested in working with us, you can always express interest by sending a CV and covering letter via our website, or applying to any specific jobs we have available.

If you have any questions about Beta Bugs or require any further information on our products, please do get in touch at info@betabugs.uk, outlining your query and one of the Beta Bugs team members will get back to you.

Lastly, the team at Beta Bugs would like to wish you the best for the New Year! May we continue to champion the revolutionary insect farming industry in to 2023 and beyond!

Best regards,

Beta Bugs Limited