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Beta Buzz #3

Beta Buzz #3

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Beta Bugs CEO, Thomas Farrugia introduces the much anticipated Beta Buzz #3

Dear Reader,
I hope that you are doing well as you read this third issue of Beta Buzz, which myself and the wider team are delighted to present you with.

Before we dive into what’s in store for this third issue, I wanted to highlight how the sector has come along since we started Beta Buzz. It feels to me that we are now entering an era of information and communication, driven by a number of companies within our space. From webinars to talks and conferences (and even written summaries using Chat-GPT) it is now possible to learn more about Black Soldier Fly Larvae production, along with the requirements for setting up this kind of business. This is excellent – it means that our sector becomes more accessible to new market entrants, and
grows as a result. This is also critical, because if we are to avert the impending climate crisis and ensure the future sustainability of our food systems, we need as many players operating in this field as possible. With the latest report by the IPCC, we now know that we need to move even faster than before if we want to minimize the damage done to our planet. As an industry, we need to make insect protein part of everyone’s everyday

Tying into this, we have pulled together content in the form of articles and perspectives which show how insect protein is coming online – these include contributions from Pronuvo, who are farming Black Soldier Fly in Costa Rica (pg 39/40), Dr. Ing. Teun Veldkamp from the University of Wagenigen gives an overview of the EU’s SUSINCHAIN project (pg 19/20) and perspectives on insect farming from John Kirkpatrick at Tesco (pg 27/30). In addition, we have guest pieces from the Beta Bugs team on Black Soldier Fly genetics (pg 35/36) and regulatory landscapes (pg 41/42).
Lastly, our technology and service providers showcase features a range of new companies and technologies to help you set up your Black Soldier Fly farm, so that you too can play your part in our industry.

As always, we are always open to your thoughts on how to make a better Beta Buzz. If you can help us on this mission we would be very appreciative of it – feel free to reach out to info@betabugs.uk with your thoughts or feedback. Similarly if you would like to contribute to issue#4 – be it a case study, best practise or industry developments get in touch on the same address so we can explore and discuss it.


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Thomas Farrugia – Founder and CEO


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Other Issues

Beta Buzz #4 reflects two things: i) the rapid development of our sector and ii) holding true to our commitment to enabling new market entrants to join the insect farming sector. We have again brought together content on the Black Soldier Fly farming sector, featuring offerings from equipment suppliers and service providers so that you can get your insect farm up and running. We have also been busy sourcing informative content including perspectives on Black Soldier Fly nutrition by Dr. Thomas Spranghers from KU Leuven (pg 23), a case study on Flybox’s modular insect farming systems (pg 33) and how insect farming contributes to the circular revolution in collaboration with Peritus Capital (pg 05). In addition, we have also included a brief recap of sector developments in the quarter (pg 37), along with an FAQ section on Black Soldier Fly farming in the context of waste processing (pg 47).
Beta Buzz Science Edition Front Cover
At Beta Bugs, we decided to contribute to the insect farming research focus by providing a sample of some of the cutting-edge research that is being undertaken within our sector in this Science Edition of Beta Buzz. Specifically, in this issue we cover topics such as the different ways of improving genetic performance, understanding and managing disease, the power of insect frass as a fertilizer and the nutritional demand of the BSF. Beta Buzz:The Science Edition, which differs from our existing Beta Buzz, provides a forum for knowledge dissemination from both academia and industry, ensuring that our sector can unlock further development and growth
Beta Buzz 2
Beta Buzz #2 focuses on bridging the gap between businesses and customers struggling to find the required and most up to date information all in one place so taking into account our audience, the Beta Buzz team has included articles and perspectives on the sector, in line with the publications aim of making the industry more open and communicative. Alongside this, the industry-first technology and service providers showcase features a range of new companies and technologies which help set up Black Soldier Fly farms.
Beta Buzz #1
Beta Buzz #1 focuses on the technology suppliers who can facilitate the set-up and running of insect farming operations, helping to improve on-farm performance or to help with progressing to the next stage of scale. This issue of Beta Buzz also includes the current membership bodies for each main region, who are important sources of regional best practice, regulations, and specific developments in the insect farming industry.