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Launched to shine a light on the ever-growing insect farming industry.

As firm believers in a horizontal supply chain, coupled with sector specialization, Beta Bugs Ltd saw an opportunity to help the sector address some of the questions regarding the farming of the Black Soldier Fly for new entrants into the market and farmers who want to diversify into the insect farming industry and supply an alternative, sustainable source of feed to their animals.

Beta Buzz #3

“As our industry develops, it needs to become more open and communicative. For us, Beta Buzz is one way to facilitate this communication. In this way, new market entrants, whatever their size, are able to get a better grasp of our industry and get involved faster.”

Thomas Farrugia, CEO & Founder


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Beta Buzz Science Edition Front Cover
At Beta Bugs, we decided to contribute to the insect farming research focus by providing a sample of some of the cutting-edge research that is being undertaken within our sector in this Science Edition of Beta Buzz. Specifically, in this issue we cover topics such as the different ways of improving genetic performance, understanding and managing disease, the power of insect frass as a fertilizer and the nutritional demand of the BSF. Beta Buzz:The Science Edition, which differs from our existing Beta Buzz, provides a forum for knowledge dissemination from both academia and industry, ensuring that our sector can unlock further development and growth
Beta Buzz #3
Beta Buzz #3 continues to bridge the gap between businesses and customers to streamline the process and ensure a clear route to market for interested parties. Beta Buzz #3 continues to drive the message further afield, raising awareness of relevant technology and service providers in the insect farming value chain. The issue also features industry perspectives from a consumer facing angle from the likes of retail giant Tesco, highlighting how they see insect farming from a feed sustainability angle, which will help to reduce their carbon footprint within the retail supply chain.
Beta Buzz 2
Beta Buzz #2 focuses on bridging the gap between businesses and customers struggling to find the required and most up to date information all in one place so taking into account our audience, the Beta Buzz team has included articles and perspectives on the sector, in line with the publications aim of making the industry more open and communicative. Alongside this, the industry-first technology and service providers showcase features a range of new companies and technologies which help set up Black Soldier Fly farms.
Beta Buzz #1
Beta Buzz #1 focuses on the technology suppliers who can facilitate the set-up and running of insect farming operations, helping to improve on-farm performance or to help with progressing to the next stage of scale. This issue of Beta Buzz also includes the current membership bodies for each main region, who are important sources of regional best practice, regulations, and specific developments in the insect farming industry.

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