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BETTER INSECT SOLUTIONS : Bringing Proven Technology Solutions Within the Insect Farming Sector From Animal Farming to Market

Enorm building pilot production site


Bringing Proven Technology Solutions Within the Insect Farming Sector From Animal Farming to Market


Better Insect Solutions (BIS) is the concept and solution hub of the Big Dutchman Group comprising the sister companies: Big Dutchman, INNO+ and SKOV. For decades, these companies have provided cost-efficient and robust solutions for a wide range of technologies applied in animal farming.

Since 2020, BIS has been in operation within the insect farming sector bringing proven technology solutions of the Big Dutchman Group sister companies from animal farming to market. In parallel, complementary development has been initiated and is ongoing. This includes, for instance, launching a unique climate system and optimized feeding systems designed specifically for insect farming; ensuring that BIS today has a total solution for insect farming based on in-house products and systems.Our portfolio covers housing, climate systems, air cleaning, heat recovery, feeding systems, frass handling, crates (for nursery, grow-out and pupa), breeding systems and management systems. All are supported by our extensive know-how of animal and insect farming and offered in collaboration with key logistics and processing partners. Our focus is on the black soldier fly (BSF), but also covers farming of the lesser and common mealworms.


Enorm building pilot production site
First stage of the scale-up project at Enorm has been initiated (Q1-2022). The pilot production (flies and larvae – buildings to upper right) are already equipped with BIS solutions for climate, feeding, air cleaning and heat recovery supporting an output of approx. 500 ton of BSF larvae per year.


Today, our solutions for robust large-scale insect production are commercially on the insect market and have been implemented at several international customers. BIS is coordinated by a core team that is powered by Big
Dutchman, INNO+, and SKOV colleagues to support and ensure you get the best turnkey solution and service. Jointly, we comprise approx. 4,000 employees in 48 regional offices, and have over 200 service partners to support our global operation.


“Currently, our largest project under execution is the project of Danish BSF producer Enorm that are scaling-up to an annual production of 36,000 ton BSF larvae (wet weight) by mid-2023.”

Better Insect Solutions

better insect solutions

BIS provides an end-to-end solution that includes:

  • Sparring on production, designs, site layout, and costs
  • Equipment and system testing in own lab facilities
  • Pilot production testing
  • Own manufacturing and service teams
  • Integration with other key technology partners providing turnkey solutions


For more information about BETTER INSECT SOLUTIONS, please read pages 13-14 of Beta Buzz #2 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, please visit www.betterinsectsolutions.com