Our Insect Products

Ready to meet the needs of all potential clients

At Beta Bugs we cater to 3 main segments: operators who want improved genetics, operators who solely desire eggs and new market entrants wanting to get up and running.


Our flagship product

Bred with a primary focus on quantity traits that increase producer yield, this breed is suited for operators looking to increase gains from facilities and processes that have already been developed and optimized at pilot scale and beyond.

Just Fly™

Our non-selected product

Reared to the same high zootechnical standards as HiPer-Fly®, it provides market entrants with the opportunity to develop an understanding of Black Soldier Fly husbandry and stockhumanship, establish key processes and work towards bringing larger facilities online.

It also caters to operators wanting to supplement their larval operation whilst minimizing or stopping fly-rearing.

The Multiplier™

Our dedicated production centre

All our products are supplied in the form of eggs from The Multiplier, our dedicated multiplication and egg production centre. Multiplication is a key part of all genetics sectors and ensures we can supply our industry with the scale it requires. The Multiplier also provides a number of services to our industry in form of facility resilience, line scale-up and staff training.