Just Fly

Our high performance standard Black Soldier Fly Eggs

What is Just Fly?

Reared to high zootechnical standards, but not put through our breeding programme, Just-Fly™ is our Black Soldier Fly eggs product for market entrants wanting to fast-track towards creating profitable and scalable impact, along with operators solely wanting standard Black Soldier Fly eggs


What Just Fly does

Provides an opportunity to learn

Rearing Black Soldier Fly Larvae requires that you develop an understanding of its husbandry and the key processes to rear it. By working with Just-Fly™, you’re able to get all your parameters dialled in without having to worry about rearing HiPer-Fly®️.

Gets you up and running, fast

Want to run a pilot? Trialling multiple diets? Needing to up-scale to a specific timeline? Our flexible Black Soldier Fly egg batch sizes and pricing enables you to conduct the R&D and piloting steps that you need when you need it, so that you can then bring larger facilities online.

Streamlines your operation

Focussing on Black Soldier Fly larval rearing simplifies the rearing operation significantly. It means that the entire facility footprint can be dedicated to the step that generates revenue - protein production and processing.


Who it's for

Just-Fly™ is specifically designed for new market entrants who want to “have a go” at rearing Black Soldier Fly, but also for those producers who are simply looking up-scale production rapidly or avoid running a fly rearing operation whilst becoming familiar with working with a genetics partner.

How to take care of your Just-Fly™ Black Soldier Fly Eggs

We’re dedicated to seeing our industry take flight, and have put together a brief husbandry manual to get you up and running. This is shipped with your Black Soldier Fly egg order. If you would like to learn more about rearing Just-Fly™, then get in touch.

Order Enquiries

Just-Fly™ is available direct, with next-day dispatch, from our website in batches of 1g and 5g.

* For larger orders, please get in touch with sales@betabugs.uk with timelines and quantities so that we can issue you a quote. 

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