The Multiplier™

Our dedicated multiplication and egg production centre

What is The Multiplier™?

The Multiplier™ is our dedicated multiplication and egg production centre. Simply put, it’s analogous to chicken hatcheries and pig multiplication units, but for insects.

Multiplication is a key part of getting genetics to market – our breeding programme is focussed on improving a small, elite population of Black Soldier Fly, which are then multiplied up to be supplied to customers. This enables us to supply our industry with the scale it requires.

We currently use The Multiplier™ to multiply our two products – HiPer-Fly® and Just-Fly™, which we supply to the UK and EU markets. 

Beta Bugs The Multiplier

Additional offerings

Alongside our current products, The Multiplier™ also offers the following services:

Factory Resilience

We offer a package via which subscribed operators can maintain or resume facility activity in the case of reduced colony performance or colony collapse.

Line scale-up

Given our expertise in multiplication and multiplying multiple products, The Multiplier™ can be contracted to scale-up specific lines for producers, either as a one-off batch or for short to mid-term supply.

Staff Training

We offer training to market entrants that are seeking to establish their own Black Soldier Fly operation or Egg Factory or are looking to train their staff. Courses are run at our own facilities and cover the elements required to establish and run a facility.

For further information please contact, outlining which service you are interested in.