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The Scotsman: Bug Farming Set to Create a Buzz in Scotland

Bug Farming Set to Create a Buzz in Scotland

Innovative Scots could start the new decade with a novel career that can be both lucrative and beneficial to the planet, according to a new report from the nation’s waste watchdog. The publication, for Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), analyses the economic potential of insect farming. It suggests rearing bugs, which can be used to make feed for animals and humans, organic fertilisers and even green fuel, offers a sustainable way to produce more food using less resources.

And Scotland is an ideal location due to its massive aquaculture industry, vast supplies of organic feed stock and academic expertise. Nearly 500,000 tonnes of agricultural feedstock is chucked away in this country each year, but the report suggests that using just a tenth of it for insect farming could generate an extra £5.4 million for the Scottish economy.

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