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BÜHLER : Total Solutions for the Insect Industry




Bühler Insect Technology is your technology partner for industrial insect plants, lines, equipment and related services. With our  solutions, we enable you to transform organic residues with the help of insects into quality products such as food ingredients, proteins and lipids for animal feed as well as fertilizer suitable for agricultural and horticultural use.


Buhler rearing technology

Our portfolio covers key stages for black soldier fly and mealworms production:

  • Feedstock preparation based on organic residues to provide safe, palatable and nourishing feed to the larvae in a timely manner.
  • A fully automated larvae growth system with sophisticated climate control.
  • A processing line to efficiently transform the grown larvae into protein meal and lipids with consistent quality.
  • Frass management system for secure offtake of the rearing residues
  • Complete plant automation to maximize uptime and optimize performance


Buhler tech scope
Buhler tech scope

The Phased Integral Solution from Bühler

Moreover, we offer a phased integral solution, that goes from the complete plant feasibility analysis to the successful fulfilment of the project, and after-sales service that ensures an efficient plant operation.
To continue exploring the potential of the industry, the Insect Technology Center helps you to assess the opportunities and requirements of a large-scale insect plant project. By conducting trials, you can validate data, get insights into the insect production’s key areas and implement the results for industrial production. Moreover, training and product development initiatives accelerate insect technology know-how.



For more information about BÜHLER, please read pages 17-18 of Beta Buzz #3 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information about BÜHLER, please visit the website www.buhlergroup.com