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COGASTRO : Assessing, Monitoring and Controlling Insect Production

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Assess, Monitor and Control Your Insect Production: From Eggs to Final Product

Insects are a more environmentally friendly alternative in comparison with conventional proteins for animal feed and human consumption. This has led to the market expansion of the insect production industry. However, for companies to access, monitor and control their supply chain, one must eliminate technical gaps that often lead to colony losses, underproduction, and higher than expected costs to facilitate this growing demand. Cogastro helps to support insect farmers who are trying to optimize their production levels.


“Our customized solution enables insect farms to monitor, quantify, and control their environment, thus increasing farm revenue and time to the market-leading economic advantage” – Cogastro


Why is Monitoring so Important?

As an insect producer, you want to measure critical control points and identify discrepancies before issues arise. By controlling different variables such as feed type, densities, temperature, humidity, the optimal amount of light to increase hatch rates, yields, cycle speed, conversions, and the nutritional composition, Cogastro helps farmers to garner at least a 70% ROI!

How to Monitor Production Cycles with Cogastro?

Cogastro provides a consistent and scalable framework to log, connect and store information through a cloud-based, centralized web platform that can be accessed from anywhere. Our application provides; real-time yield estimates, feed conversion rates, cycle speed, hatch rates, and other vital metrics. Clients may compare historical data based on batch, substrate, and other possible variables and track performance that results in more informed decision making.






3 Reasons to Consider a Digital Solution:


Our technology provides cloud-based access to remotely monitor and manage facilities across multiple locations within your network while also securing your data owned solely by the farm!


Our technology captures results and improves farming techniques. It is possible to plan and control your production rates and quality while adjusting growth areas such as employees’ setup and streams ratio to standardize processes when scaling quickly.


We provide critical performance indicators to help companies track and achieve their goals. Our technology provides full-cycle tracking and traceability for regulatory compliance. This includes barcode traceability for batch tracking and data reporting for feed and food safety compliance.



For more information about Cogastro and how they can help optimize your insect farming please read pages 21-22 of Beta Buzz – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, contact Cogastro directly: contact@cogastro.com