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DILEPIX : Automating Industrial Insect Production For Greater Profitability

DILEPIX : Automating Industrial Insect Production For Greater Profitability

Producing Black Soldier flies at an industrial level requires attention to various points in the production chain. Automating actions allows to gain in efficiency and productivity. One of the answers to this need for automation and ultra-precise monitoring is the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and vision-based control.

AI and computer vision are sustainable solutions that enable you to:

  • Improve the monitoring and quality control of production
  • Secure the monitoring of production units to prevent potential health risks within the colonies
  • Save valuable time in data analysis and insect counting without interrupting the production line
  • Analyze the detection of mortality rate with very little margin of error to react at the right time

Artificial lntelligence to Accelerate Insect Production

Currently, few companies are able to provide sufficiently advanced solutions to enable insect breeders to ensure optimal industrial production. The start-up Dilepix is one of the few companies to develop its own neural networks and is the only one to offer solutions to insect producers. More robust and perfectly adapted to the difficult conditions of farms and factories, the Dilepix algorithms, combined with the computer vision, bring a remarkable precision:

“DILEPIX software is recognized for it robustness and is adapted to the constraints of agricultural buildings and plants.”


  • Ultra accurate counting of larvae and insects:

One of the advantages of AI is its high level of accuracy. It is able to count the number of insects or larvae regardless of the density (cluster) where a human operator could not perform this task with this degree of accuracy.

  • Speed in data processing:

On average, an operator will count 200 larvae in 15 minutes. The Dilepix solution will process them in a few seconds (including data transfer time, analysis and results restitution)

  • Repeatable analysis process:

The analysis points (present on different stations of a plant or on different plants) all work with the same precision and allow to analyze the performances at different scales

  • Reliability regardless of the number of analyses:

The reliability of analyses performed by a smart camera will not falter. Unlike a human operator for whom concentration will decrease throughout the day. The solution proposed by Dilepix remains constant and can work 24/7.

  • A scalable solution that can be adapted to the producers’ industrial process:

The solution developed by Dilepix adapts to the production system of insect factories. Easily available from the cloud, it can also be physically embedded on production lines to control robotic actions. Finally, the data restitution can be done on the Dilepix web app or directly in an information system (SCADA)


For more information about Dilepix, please read pages 19-20 of Beta Buzz – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

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