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INTERVIEW WITH FEED INFO: Genetics are the Missing Link in Insect Supply Chain

As the insect feed sector scales up and professionalises, there is a space opening up within that supply chain for companies to specialize not in the production of insects, but in supplying the companies who will themselves produce the insects.

One such company is UK start-up Beta Bugs, one of a very few operations worldwide specializing in the genetics of insects destined for feed. Founded by Dr. Thomas Farrugia in 2017, the company is working on breeding an improved Black Soldier Fly. Its flagship product is the HiPer-Fly, which can offer better yields; Beta Bugs asserts on its website that it, with regular infusions of fresh stock as it constantly improves BSF strains “every year you benefit from using our strains will give you a minimum of a 2%
increase in productivity”.

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