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FLYBOX : Introducing Their Modular Insect Farming Technology



 Introducing their Modular Insect Farming Technology

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Insect farming is a promising sector. Many businesses want to enter the market, but are finding it too complex and expensive.

That’s where Flybox® come in. Flybox® creates adaptable modular insect farming technology to suit a near-infinite variety of use cases, and lights your way from rearing to commercialization.


Flybox modular units at Aylesbury Farm
Flybox modular units at Aylesbury Farm


The leading global manufacturer of modular insect farming technology, Flybox® specialize in industrial-grade, climate-controlled breeding, nursery, growing and waste processing solutions. Each stage in the insect farming process has its own patented, prefabricated Flybox® module. Every decision is made through this lens to ensure your economics are viable and scalable in every instance, bearing today’s market in mind.

” Our technology is built with unit economics at the core…” – Larry Kotch, Flybox®

Flybox modular units at scale
Flybox modular units at scale on-farm


The Flybox Grow®

A 30t/month bioconversion container. Add Black Soldier Fly (BSF) seedlings and your waste recipe to pre-loaded Beekenkamp Trays.
Wait 7-10 days for our proprietary climate program to run its course.

The Flybox Breed®

A biosecure, compact and power efficient breeding room. 200g+ eggs per day per container.

The Flybox Waste®

A semi-automated waste processing container to pre-process material into a BSF feedstock. 10 tons per day capacity.


Flybox® farms range from 1-40 tonnes per day of waste. Whether you’re starting off or scaling insect-farming, pick and deploy the modules that suit your operational needs. Flybox® works anywhere— even off-grid. They deliver Flybox® technology all over the world but the majority of our support system and partners are in the UK, EU, Kenya and South Africa.


Beta Bugs visit Aylesbury
Desmond Cave from Beta Bugs visits the Flybox modular insect farm in Aylesbury


When you lease or purchase Flybox® technology, you’re guaranteed their support: from nutrition to entomology to commercials, Flybox® work with you to ensure your success, during every stage of the insect-farming process.

What insects are used in the Flybox?

Flybox® default processes and technology are built for the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) because the commercial use of BSF and their byproducts is by far the most prolific species, representing about 80% of the insect market today. That being said, you can grow a variety of insect species in a Flybox® farm.


Grow® Isometric Modular Unit
Grow® Isometric Modular Unit


The main products are;

  • Live Larvae
  • Whole Dried Larvae
  • Insect Protein Meal
  • Defatted Insect Protein Meal
  • BSF Oil
  • Chitin
  • Frass Fertiliser

These products are then naturally used as components of Animal Feed, Pet Food, Biodiesel, Feed Additives, Biomass Briquettes, Fertilizer Pellets and even Cosmetic and Healthcare products.


There are a vast range of commercialization opportunities to capitalize on—we always recommend planning for your intended market prior to technology deployment, and offer to help develop productization strategies.


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For more information about FLYBOX and their modular insect farming technology, please visit the website www.flybox.bio

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or read pages 33-34 to find out how Flybox have completed building a demonstrator of the world’s first end-to-end modular insect farm in Aylesbury, UK.