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GOTERRA : Waste Management Infrastructure to Solve the Food Waste Crisis

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Goterra : Waste Management Infrastructure to Solve the Food Waste Crisis


GOTERRA designs and manufactures Modular Infrastructure for Biological Services (MIBs): autonomous infrastructure that manages insects to consume biological waste. Our flagship product is an industrial unit that uses black soldier fly larvae to convert food waste into high value, low impact protein and soil conditioner (frass), up-cycling nutrients back into the economy. The technology is transferable to more challenging waste streams, including human effluent, plastics and emerging material. To move to a circular economy, there is a real need for more agile and adaptable waste management systems that can flex to meet rapidly changing needs. Whilst insect production is growing rapidly worldwide, most approaches rely on large scale agricultural process, replicating conventional agriculture. Our approach is different. We use BSF larvae to manage waste at the same time as producing protein. By addressing two problems we radically reduce the impact of both.


We are also solving the two biggest problems in waste: waste logistics and greenhouse gas emissions. The units are modular and autonomous, so they can be placed directly at or near the location where the waste is produced, eliminating waste logistics. And our infrastructure mimics nature, utilising nature’s most efficient food waste processors in an adaptable unit that can integrate into any system or location. We integrate our systems into existing waste infrastructure so that there is no disruption to client operations. Our technology creates deep social impact by equalising waste management opportunities for challenging organic waste produced in metro, rural and remote communities. Where metros are challenged by space and congestion, we can improve access to waste with proximal placement in a small footprint. Where rural and regional locations have less need for large infrastructure like Anaerobic Digesters our units have low capex and can be stacked to create a system as small or large as needed.


“GOTERRA represents where we need to be as a global community. Combining natural biological systems with smart tech to change our carbon and ecological footprint for the better.”
Lucy Sharman – Sustainability Manager, Lendlease.


Because we have identified our place in the food waste management ecosystem and our tech is versatile enough to manage a variety of waste streams, we engage and connect stakeholders across an incredibly broad socio-economic range. Currently our clients are Governments, regional councils, waste management providers, industrial food manufacturers, corporates and households. We deliberately target low grade waste streams that do not have high value applications. We can handle any food waste and we have a high tolerance for contamination. We have integrated our system with Schneider. Utilising their world leading Building Management System our environmental controls are quality assured, backed by 24/7 technical and service support. Our system is connected to several alarm and fail safes to ensure if systems fail there is immediate notification and action. Whilst our units currently manage waste using our own BSF larvae, we are open to partnerships to support other BSF producers, based on a fee for service.


For more information about GOTERRA and how they can help optimize your insect farming please read pages 09-10 of Beta Buzz – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

If you are looking for an autonomous unit to support you to produce BSF larvae please contact GOTERRA directly at www.goterra.com.au/contact-us/