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INNO+ : Optimal Climate for Insect Farms

modular air scrubber


Optimal Climate for Insect Farms


Better Insect Solutions is a joint brand of Inno+, Skov and Big Dutchman. All three companies are leading technology suppliers in their different branches of the agribusiness and complement each other’s product ranges perfectly.

It is the mission of INNO+ to provide optimum climate conditions worldwide with innovative air cleaning and energy recovery solutions in which animals perform optimally all year round. With 20 years’ experience in this field, it is our goal to help our customers in the insect world, build sustainable farms that minimise the cost of production and impact on the environment.

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Helping farmers face the challenge

Farmers are faced with the challenge of reducing odour, ammonia emissions, energy consumption and greenhouse gases from their farms. The same will apply within the insect sector where emissions from production can make it challenging to build farms in locations where environmental impact is high. At the same time, the demand for air quality in production requires high consumption of energy that can become costly. For this reason, INNO+ have developed several concepts to address these challenges. An example of these is our two-stage air scrubber with energy recovery.

modular air scrubber
Modular air scrubber by INNO+ for integration with the ventilation system

Two stage air scrubbing with energy recovery

The first stage involves a chemical air scrubber designed to lower emissions from e.g. 50 ppm ammonia down to 2 ppm. Connected to this is our triple EEE energy recovery system, built to deliver warm water to pre-conditioning air inlets. This means during cold periods we can bridge the gap from -10 to +20 degrees C using thermal energy from the exhaust of the insect house(s) connect to the air scrubbers. Triple EEE is a very efficient way to deliver lower levels of thermal energy to each house having a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 40-50, meaning 1 kW of electricity delivers 40-50 kW of thermal energy. The second stage involves a water scrubber with a heat pump attached delivering additional energy, making sure that the pre-heated air reaches the required climate condition (e.g. 30-35 degrees C) for the larvae inside the production unit.

Adaptable for any situation

Our technology is full adaptable to fit most requirements and after many years of working with a broad range of companies, we are in a strong position to provide a solution for most situations including insects. Together with our sister companies, we are, as part of Better Insect Solutions, on a mission to support the scale up of insect farming.

For more information about INNO+ , please read pages 17-18 of Beta Buzz #2 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information on INNO+, please visit www.inno-plussystems.com