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INSECT ENGINEERS : Making BSF Cultivation Commercially Attractive

INSECT ENGINEERS : Making BSF Cultivation Commercially Attractive

Although the potential of the insect industry is huge, the current industry is at a starting phase. Many pilot farms have emerged. But after 2-3 years they all face the question is how to do this on a larger scale and make an income. With this question Insect Engineers started the business at the end of 2016. Stepping away from working with the commonly used trays, it is our belief is that a tray can be nice to get a first experience but on a large scale it presents other challenges. After all, in the end you run a farm and not a logistic centre!

A strange comparison?

Larger farms seem to be wholly based on moving boxes around. However our view you have a farming operation because you have to keep in mind heat production, moist, ammonia, CO2, etc. So it was key to move away from existing solutions and develop an alternative.

ZOEM racks

This proven alternative is growing on ZOEM racks. Production (5-14 day old larvae) is carried out using this highly efficient vertical farming method.

A major advantage of the ZOEM racks production method is the ease with which production can be scaled up” – Insect Engineers

The machines used are mobile, making it simple and cost-effective to scale up the entire operation. Farming in ZOEM racks systems also makes it easy to automate the production process. The end result is a cost-effective and reliable solution for all BSF projects worldwide. The production rooms are well insulated and climate controlled.

The climate control conditions are optimal because the substrate stays in the same place. With trays you have the substrate moving around to other areas with varying climate conditions. By avoiding moving trays the ideal air flow can be created in the room and in the ZOEM racks during the whole production cycle.

The Insect Engineers control system comes with pre-set parameters and can be adjusted to local experiences and conditions. Measure and control for example but not limited to:

Air temperature
Substrate temperature
CO2 levels
Relative Humidity levels

Software can be reached from your desktop, tablet and your mobile phone, which makes it very interactive.

Going large? Go ZOEM racks!

For more information about Insect Engineers, please read pages 04-05 of Beta Buzz – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication


For more information about this commercial Black Soldier Fly production system and the ZOEM racks, please visit the website www.insectengineers.com

(P.S. Insect Engineers is founder of the Insect School, opening end of 2021)