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INSECT ENGINEERS : The Black Soldier Fly Insect School

Insect School

INSECT ENGINEERS : The Black Soldier Fly Insect School

insect school

Our goal is to make the cultivation of BSF as commercially attractive as possible to companies. To increase our impact, we share our knowledge and experience. With our Insect School, we make our expertise available to the world.

A meeting place for the BSF industry

We want to be different. In an industry that often lacks transparency, we believe that sharing everything we know will move us forward. We are all in this together, and we are working toward a common goal. By sharing knowledge and insights, we strive to further develop and innovate products, services and organizations in the industry.

www.insectschool.com is the leading news source and knowledge base for anyone interested in the world of insect farming.


Insect Engineers

At Insect School, we:

  • Connect entrepreneurs who want to share and gain knowledge
  • Work with educational institutions to gain insights and stimulate new research. At the same time, we want to make the change from lab-scale tests to commercial scale.
  • Help waste management companies who are looking for new, sustainable ways to process waste
  • Revolutionize the way we look at animal nutrition


Field testing facility

At Insect School, we want to help entrepreneurs get started with growing BSF. We lend a hand by showing practice and providing testing facilities to gain practical experience.

Insect School is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including different types of equipment, suitable for different methods of BSF farming. By testing different techniques and methods, we encourage innovation in cultivation, production and processing.


Knowledge platform

We want the world to benefit from everything we know about growing the Black Soldier Fly. We believe in the value of shared intelligence for both customers and brands, driving business growth through collaboration and innovation. By sharing knowledge instead of keeping it to ourselves, we help move the industry forward.

Insect School delivers news, analysis, online and face-to-face events, and interactive content covering the issues and stories impacting decision-makers in the industry.

We make our facilities available to other companies and universities, facilitating trainings through our open structure of knowledge sharing.


The Insect School opened on 30 June 2022 in the Netherlands!


www.insectschool.com is the #1 online news source and knowledge base for anyone interested in the BSF industry.

For more information about the insect school, please visit the website www.insectengineers.com and/or feel free to contact on info@insectengineers.com.

P.S. Insect Engineers is founder of the Insect School

For more information about INSECT ENGINEERS, please read pages 09-10 of Beta Buzz #2 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication