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INSECT ENGINEERS : The Insect School

Insect Engineers


 The Insect School

In the realm of black soldier fly (BSF) training and the development of turnkey farms, the approach taken by Insect Engineers is characterized by a range of crucial services aimed at propelling the industry forward.

This comprehensive summary delves into the significance of the services provided by Insect Schools, including serving as a meeting place for the BSF industry, functioning as a knowledge platform, and offering testing facilities.

Insect Engineers Services


Meeting Place for the BSF Industry:

  • Insect Schools act as a pivotal meeting place where professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from the BSF industry converge.
  • This physical space fosters networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among stakeholders, ultimately strengthening the industry’s ecosystem.

“I have always believed that a physical location has enormous benefits in sharing knowledge. By being able to meet like-minded people, sharing knowledge gets easier, faster and more fun. When there is a place to go and meet each other, it is easier to share and gain knowledge and experiences. A place where people from all backgrounds, ages and industries can come together to move the BSF industry, and ultimately our world, forward. To stop all the years of talking, and start putting intentions into practice, I took on the initiative and founded Insect School in 2022.”

–Bob Holtermans, founder


Insect School
Insect Engineers Insect School

Knowledge Platform:

  • Insect Schools serve as dynamic knowledge platforms by offering various services, such as courses and open-access of knowledge via LinkedIn and our website.
  • These platforms disseminate valuable insights, research findings, and best practices related to BSF farming, ensuring that the industry remains well-informed and up-to-date.
  • Courses and educational resources provided by Insect Schools empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in BSF training and farming.

“I found the insect school to be highly informative and well run. The essential metrics of operating a commercial BSF farm were covered in detail. I would recommend highly to anyone considering a BSF to complete the school without hesitation”

-Insect School trainee, Mrs. H. Mackinnon


Insect Engineers Insect School Team
Insect Engineers Insect School Team

Testing Facility:

  • Insect Schools often offer testing facilities that enable industry professionals to conduct experiments, trials, and research related to BSF.
  • These facilities provide a controlled environment for testing innovations, technologies, and farming techniques, allowing for the refinement and validation of new ideas before implementation at a large scale.


Key Takeaway:

  • Insect School Services play a pivotal role in creating a supportive ecosystem for the BSF industry, serving as hubs for networking, learning, and experimentation.
  • Through these services, Insect Schools facilitate collaboration, elevate industry knowledge, and contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable practices in BSF training and turnkey farm construction.

In summary, the services offered by Insect Schools represent a proactive and dynamic approach to advancing the BSF industry. By acting as meeting places, knowledge platforms, and testing facilities, they empower industry stakeholders to collectively drive progress and innovation in BSF training and the construction of turnkey farms.



For more information about INSECT ENGINEERS and their Insect School, please visit the website www.insectengineers.com and/or feel free to contact them on info@insectengineers.com

Join the Insect School BSF training here: https://www.insectschool.com/training/3-day-onsite-training/

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