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A proven concept and turn-key solution.

The ZOEM rack system designed by Insect Engineers can support from 1 ton per day up to 70.000 tons per year of waste input.

What is the Insect Engineers ZOEM Rack System?




Unlike plastic-made trays (crates), we decided to use aluminum racks, which have lifelong durability. Also, aluminum racks give a firm structure, guaranteeing the safety; as we see their is risk in stacking the crates high with a large volume of substrates. Besides, ZOEM racks offer a certain amount of economic value even after 15 years, while a 15-year-old plastic tray will return zero value.

The ZOEM rack system is a modular system and it can be applied worldwide. So far, we have already delivered ZOEM rack system to Chile, United Kingdom, Kenya Turkey, and Singapore. In the coming years, we are looking forward to bringing online further systems worldwide.



Beyond the ZOEM Rack System

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For more information about INSECT ENGINEERS and their ZOEM Racks, please visit the website www.insectengineers.com and/or feel free to contact them on info@insectengineers.com

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