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INSECT PROJECTS : Professional & Reliable, Engineering & Project Consultancy

Insect Projects


Professional & Reliable, Engineering & Project Consultancy

InsectProjects is an independent engineering & project consultancy firm. Our goal is to enable the insect industry with professional & reliable work. InsectProjects can support you with the entire BSF project realization process:


Concept -> Development -> Construction -> Operations


Are you investigating, developing or operating an insect project?

Planning the project and finding the right technology is not an easy task, especially with so many developments and players in a new field.

All the experience and know-how is with:
Well established producers – that won’t share it.
Technology providers – who want to sell you their technology.

Insect Projects


Project Development

Let us help you fly your project.
We start with understanding your specific situation and framing the project. Having a correct and thoughtful project development plan can save you a lot of time and money.
  • Pilot set-up
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plan
  • Techno-Financial modelling
  • Feed-stock sourcing
  • Products development & off-take
  • EPC strategy
  • Site identification

Project Engineering

We know all the latest technologies and best practices of the industry. Being independent engineering experts, we will design the best process, and with you choose the best technologies to suit your project environment and to meet your business requirements.
  • Process design
  • Layout & 3D modelling
  • Mass & Energy balance
  • Equipment list & Capex
  • Staff list
  • Operating procedures

Project Management

We have over a decade of project management experience spent managing over 5 large scale projects, at an overall cost of over 100 million USD. InsectProjects masters the best international practices of project management all applied to the unique experience of industrial insect farming.
  • Project management
  • Owner’s engineer
  • Contract negotiation & management
  • Engineering Procurement
  • Construction Management

InsectProjects covers the entire Insect protein production value chain:

Feedstock Preparation -> Insects Rearing & Breeding -> Product Processing


Our Network

InsectProjects has a wide network of partners and associates, in the industrial insect protein production space. These include engineering firms, technology providers and research Institutes. By working with InsectProjects, you will gain access to this network and receive favourable terms.


Key Experience

InsectProjects has worked with over 20 companies, over 5 continents, including one of the first companies in the world. We’ve conducted a technical due-diligence on one of the biggest insect producers globally and supported some of the largest projects under construction. Ask us for more details and references.


Contact Yoav Shmulevich, MSc. (Mechanical engineering) on +972 53 272 6669

For more information about INSECT PROJECTS , please read pages 37-38 of Beta Buzz #2 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information on INSECT PROJECTS, please visit www.insectprojects.com