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Insects to Feed the World 2024 Conference in Singapore


Insects to Feed the World 2024 Conference in Singapore

 Thomas Farrugia and Maria Martinez Castillero from Beta Bugs Attend IFW 2024

Beta Bugs at IFW 2024

Beta Bugs Ltd CEO, Thomas Farrugia and Genetics & Breeding Programme Manager, Maria Martinez Castillero were delighted to attend IFW this year in Singapore – ‘The premier conference for the Insects as Feed & Food sector’ 

IFW 2024

The international event held at the Singapore EXPO brought together researchers and industry professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and the latest advancements in the field of insects for feed and food. The conference included an integrated exhibition, three days of parallel sessions, as well as networking events and opportunities to tour Singapore’s world-class research facilities.

Beta Bugs CEO, Thomas and Genetics & Breeding Programme Manager, Maria were in attendance at the four day event and both presented at the conference on the 21st June.

See below for more information on their IFW presentations;

‘Genetic strategies for black soldier fly (BSF) production’, presented by Beta Bugs Genetics & Breeding Programme Manager, Maria Martinez Castillero.

IFW 2024 Maria Martinez Castillero
IFW 2024 Maria Martinez Castillero

‘Producer’s great and small ‒ We need them all! A breeder’s perspective on black soldier fly production, presented by Beta Bugs CEO, Thomas Farrugia, giving a useful insight into BSF breeding.

IFW 2024 Thomas Farrugia
IFW 2024 Thomas Farrugia


“Insects to Feed the World proved to be an excellent event, gathering the majority of our industry in one room, making it easy to catch up, discuss with and learn from colleagues from SE Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Americas and explore opportunities to collaborate and work together to grow the global insect farming sector.
 IFW stood out from other conferences was the strong collaboration and inter-mingling between industry and academia players, which we hope to see continue in future editions and carry over into other conferences and activities for our sector.
 In addition, it is encouraging to see that there are moves to standardize our industry’s “language”, ensuring that we can communicate results and data more effectively, benchmark performance and fast-tracking the implementation of innovations. In a similar vein, I presented a talk providing a big picture on how genetics and livestock supply, in different product formats, will enable the up-scaling of our sector, and the collaboration and efforts required to do so.
 Last, but definitely not least, the broad range of R&D presented within the genetics and breeding symposia provided food for thought, and it was great for us to be able to give back to our community by showcasing the key work we have undertaken within our breeding programme, which is and always will be, a dedicated, full-time operation for our business – because this is what will enable us to create impact, at the bottom-line, for our colleagues.
Thomas Farrugia, CEO Beta Bugs Ltd


An Overview of IFW 2024

The 5th edition of the “Insects to Feed the World” (IFW 2024) conference, organised by the Asian Food and Feed Insect Association (AFFIA), concluded with resounding success at the Singapore EXPO from June 19th to 22nd, 2024. The event served as a pivotal platform for advancing dialogue and collaboration in the insect feed and food sector.

Over 600 participants attended IFW 2024, underscoring its significance as a global gathering of industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs committed to exploring innovative solutions for food and feed security. Sessions facilitated robust discussions and knowledge exchange among participants, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience throughout the event.


IFW audience

The culinary experience at IFW 2024 was enhanced by insect-based dishes crafted by Chef Joseph Yoon and students from Nanyang Polytechnic, showcasing innovative culinary applications. Documentary photographer and filmmaker Umberto Diecinove enriched the cultural dimension with his “I N S C T S” gallery, capturing diverse perspectives from the global insect industry and hosting insightful discussions through his “Get the Bug” podcast.

Reflecting on the success of IFW 2024, organisers expressed gratitude to participants, sponsors, and partners for their contributions in advancing the transformative potential of insects in sustainable food systems. The next IFW will be held in Turin, Italy, in 2026, managed by ASIFF (Academic Society for Insects as Food and Feed), with applications now open for IFW 2028.


For more information about the event please see below details:

Website: https://www.ifw2024.com/
IFW Secretariat: ifw2024enquiries@thetriumph.com

Website: https://affia.org/
AFFIA Secretariat: coordinator@affia.org


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Beta Buzz #4

Thomas Farrugia introduces the long-awaited Beta Buzz #4,  it reflects two things: i) the rapid development of our sector and ii) holding true to our commitment to enabling new market entrants to join the insect farming sector.

Over the past half-year, our industry has continued to make strides towards scaling up, with a significant number of large-scale insect farms being completed recently and further involvement from agri food stakeholders who are either providing their own offerings or partnering with existing Black Soldier Fly companies.

Read the full Beta Buzz #4 issue here

The team at Beta Bugs are talented, committed, and excited to be working at the next frontier of animal breeding. In line with the company values, Beta Bugs have established a culture which encourages development, performance, accountability, teamwork and trust.

If you have any questions about Beta Bugs or require any further information on our products, please do get in touch at info@betabugs.uk, outlining your query and one of the Beta Bugs team members will get back to you.

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