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The Herald: Manmade ‘Superfly’ Could Help Feed World’s Livestock

Manmade ‘Superfly’ Could Help Feed World’s Livestock

They have voracious appetites and are perhaps the least enticing of morsels.

But in a laboratory near Edinburgh, squirming supersize dark brown maggots and cages crammed with tens of thousands of their winged big brothers and sisters are offering a tantalising glimpse into the future of farming.

Black Soldier Fly LarvaeUsing selective breeding technology and biotechniques, agriculture food start-up Beta Bug is creating a new strain of manmade ‘superfly’ designed to help solve some of the problems of feeding the world’s livestock.

Eventually, the Beta Bugs ‘beefed up’ black soldier flies and other bugs could provide an efficient protein replacement for soy in farm feed, as well as offering individual laboratory-tailored insects for specific animal and fish needs.

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