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MANNA INSECT : Democratizing Food Production

Climatized shipping container

Manna Insect

Manna Insect is a Finnish company focused on delivering stand alone solutions for efficient insect rearing and breeding in any weather conditions and minimal insect expertise.

Blue feed trays inside shipping container
Inside one of Manna Insect’s climatized containers

Black soldier fly (BSF) larvae promises an alternative sustainable and local solution to feed animals. It can replace most expensive and challenging part of the feed: soy and fish meal.

However, the promise doesn’t hold, if the price of larvae is more expensive than the feed it replaces and not available in relevant quantities. Also it needs to reduce the dependence on global supply chains. The most effective way to benefit from BSF is to rear it locally and avoid post processing, middle men and logistics as much as possible. However, this requires both knowledge and experience on rearing and breeding insects, and in practice climatised conditions.

We at Manna Insect set out to solve these challenges. Based on years of development we are now offering a standalone intelligently climatised solution to rear and breed BSF without worrying about weather conditions or having insect rearing experience. You don’t need any fixed infrastructure for the most expensive part, just enough warehouse for preprocessing biowaste/the substrate and storing larvae. Our control system will handle optimal conditions for larvae growth and provide care-free operation with remote monitoring and automatic notifications. The system uses minimal energy and can in most places be even fully solar powered.

“You can use locally available biowaste sources and with our support, optimize the feeding recipe for larvae….”
CEO and founder Ykä Marjanen.

When feeding larvae live, for example to chickens, you need minimal equipment and bureacracy.

And the animals will thank you…


For more information about Manna Insect, please read pages 11-12 of Beta Buzz #2 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information about MANNA INSECT, please visit the website www.mannainsect.com or contact yka.marjanen@mannainsect.com