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MANNA INSECT : Offering Animal Growers A Cost-Effective, Sustainable Solution To Replace Soy

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Manna Insect

Offering Animal Growers A Cost-Effective, Sustainable Solution To Replace Soy


Manna Insect is a Finnish company that since 2018, has developed and sold solutions to use black soldier fly larvae to upcycle waste streams to animal feed. Finland, like many other countries, currently has most of the bio waste distributed in the countryside.

“We started working first with potato farmers that generate 10-15% waste when sorting potatoes to supermarkets…”
CEO and founder Ykä Marjanen.

As black soldier fly larvae has been proven to replace soy and even fish meal for animal feed, the production of insect feed has grown rapidly. However, the insect feed is still more expensive than fish meal, not to mention soy, and there is very little available as yet. But many animal growers today are unfortunately in trouble with the current cost of feed, where the alternative and a longer term option is to offer animal growers a solution to produce their own insects locally to save the cost of feed, become more sustainable, and less dependent on global feed prices.

Shipping Containers
Manna Insect’s containers can be operated anywhere, even when it is -24 Celcius outside.

In 2018 Manna Insect set out to develop a cost-effective and robust solution for animal growers to rear insects with minimal work effort and knowledge. Now three years later Manna Insect has started to deploy a first version of its intelligent container that automatically optimises climate conditions and remotely monitors the growing process using cloud based algorithms. Manna Insect uses recycled containers and parts to make the solution virtually emission free and easily deployable to any country!

Each container is the equivalent of four hectares of soy fields and can replace soy for thousands of chickens, pigs and fish per year.

“Manna Insect is now seeking partners to offer our solution to animal growers with additional services.”
CEO and founder Ykä Marjanen.

With a tested process and technology Manna Insect is expanding to other countries outside Finland and is in negotiations with partners and resellers to jointly start new production sites and sell larvae to local animal growers and feed companies.

For more information about Manna Insect, please read pages 07-08 of Beta Buzz – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information about MANNA INSECT, please visit the website www.mannainsect.com or contact yka.marjanen@mannainsect.com