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Midlothian Science Zone: Case Study on Beta Bugs

Case Study on Beta Bugs Ltd

Beta Bugs Limited is a young, entrepreneurial company, established in 2017, that develops and distributes high-performance insect breeds as a source of protein for animal feed and is at the forefront of driving a sustainable bio economy in Scotland. Beta Bugs Limited is an agri-food biotechnology company, based at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus.

Midlothian Science Zone spoke with Thomas Farrugia, CEO and founder of Beta Bugs Limited: 

What is the main purpose of Beta Bugs?

We’re a dedicated insect genetics company which breeds and distributes high-performance breeds of Black Soldier Fly to the insect farming industry.

Our breeds will grow bigger, faster and be more efficient, meaning insect farmers will be able to do more with less, enabling insect protein to compete on price with existing animal and aqua-feed ingredients. As a result, the agricultural supply chain will benefit from a more sustainable and regionally produced source of protein – both within the UK and the EU.


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