The Multiplier™

Our dedicated multiplication and egg production centre

What is The Multiplier™?

Since Day One, genetics has been our sole focus. We have built our Company’s strategy, technology, and a team around developing and distributing Black Soldier Fly breeds, our nucleus site houses some of the best technology, equipment, and breeding expertise within the sector.

Genetics is only part of the picture, within any industry there are many challenges to overcome, and Beta Bugs are no exception. Our breeding program operates to extremely high standards and tolerances by continuously improving our BSF (Black Soldier Fly) thus increasing the performance of our elite product, HiPer-Fly®️ however, as with most breeding programs the genetic material produced is of an exceedingly small quantity. As a direct response to this challenge, Beta Bugs has developed The Multiplier™

Beta Bugs Multiplier
Beta Bugs Multiplier

The Multiplier™ is our first dedicated multiplication and egg production facility. Simply put, it’s analogous to chicken hatcheries and pig multiplication units, but for insects. Multiplication is a key part of getting genetics to market – our breeding program is focused on improving a small, elite population of Black Soldier Fly, which are then multiplied up with the resulting genetics being supplied to our customers. This process enables us to supply our industry with the scale it requires.

The Multiplier™ has a dedicated team that has both created and currently operates a highly efficient process that sees the intake of large quantities of co-products such as brewer’s grains along with HiPer-Fly®️ genetics from our nucleus site. With a little time, magic, and a lot of expertise The Multiplier™ takes the small genetic batch and scales it to the point where we can distribute high-value large quantity orders to our customers. The Multiplier™ runs to high-quality standards and not only supplies genetics to our customers but ensures they have the correct information, support, and technical guidance needed to get the most out of their order.

With The Multiplier™ working towards maximum production capacity, Beta Bugs are now able to produce and distribute larger commercially viable quantities of BSF genetics across our two core products Just-Fly™ and HiPer-Fly®.

For further information please contact sales@betabugs.uk, outlining which service you are interested in.

Additional offerings

Alongside our current products, The Multiplier™ also offers the following services:

Large Scale Production

Dedicated production allows us to fulfil both small and large orders. From starter packs to industrial scale, we can grow with your needs.

Quality Assurance

All our products go through a rigorous internal quality assurance process, with dedicated staff to ensure the best quality, customer service, and technical support.

Worldwide Distribution

Shipping products worldwide, our dedicated dispatch and regulations team will ensure the shipping process runs as smoothly as possible. We work with specialist livestock couriers to ensure products arrive on time and in the best possible health.