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PET FOOD INDUSTRY : Beta Bugs Launches 2nd Publication

Pet Food Industry


Beta Bugs Launches 2nd Publication – Beta Buzz #2


Pet Food Industry - Beta Buzz
Pet Food Industry – Beta Buzz #2

Beta Buzz, a publication for the insect farming industry, was originally launched by Beta Bugs Ltd in November 2021 to shine a light on the ever-growing insect farming industry, since it provides a solution to addressing the ever-growing need for regional production of protein and other feed ingredients. Now more than ever, it is important for the insect-farming industry to step up and scale-up – a feat which is largely possible through new market entrants such as farmers and entrepreneurs setting up their own insect farming operations.

Why Farm Insects Now?

World events in the past couple of years, especially CVD-19 and the Ukrainian war, have highlighted that the agri-food supply chain, which puts food on our tables, is prone to disruption and needs to be reinforced. The same world events have put the UK farming base under significant pressure as animal feed ingredients become more scare.

black soldier fly larvae

In addition to this, there is greater demand for animal protein due to the rise in the world population and increased sustainable food production targets set by the European Union. Retailers are also increasingly signing up to science-based targets and, as they add accountability and credibility, are raising awareness and working more closely with their farmers and suppliers. As a result, farmers are seriously considering farming insects as a means of generating revenue, reducing their use of soya in animal feed, and localizing their protein production. There are a range of production options, from small, on-farm units to units that are as large as a farm in its entirety. By producing protein locally using locally derived materials, insect farming provides perfect opportunities for farmers wanting to use insect protein directly in their feed, or to sell it on to feed manufacturers.

Now is an exceptionally good time to farm insects – as shown in Beta Buzz #2 as there is more off-the-shelf insect farming equipment and know-how becoming available from well-known suppliers, making it easier to farm insects. By joining in at this moment, farmers are able to leverage a local, yet global, opportunity and be part of one of the world’s fastest growing industries, estimated to be worth US$1 billion as of writing.

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