Unlocking the genetic potential of insect farming

What It Is

Our flagship product

HiPer-Fly®️ is bred with a main focus on quantity traits that increase producer yield. 

Dialog with our industry has given us a clear understanding of the traits to select for across both larval and fly stages, which include:

Larval size

Development time

Egg production

Egg hatchability

We select for these traits in parallel within our breeding programme, whilst monitoring for performance trade-offs and in-breeding depression. 

We regularly evaluate our trait portfolio to ensure existing traits remain relevant, whilst including new quantitative and qualitative traits that increase Black Soldier Fly performance and functionality as an ingredient.


What It Does

Providing a range of benefits

Boosts performance

Increased Black Soldier Fly productivity translates into increased yields from your facilities.


Keeps getting better

Our breeding programme at Beta Bugs never stops, ensuring that our product keeps getting better, generation after generation.

Saves time

Breeding is a specialised and resource-intensive endeavour. By working with us, you too are able to access improved genetics on a regular basis, whilst being able to focus on what you do best.


Who is it for?

Black Soldier Fly producers looking to increase productivity

HiPer-Fly®️ is best suited for operators who have a firm grasp of Black Soldier Fly stockhumanship and are looking to increase overall productivity at pilot scale or above. Depending on order frequency, it can also provide an opportunity to streamline operations by minimizing or removing fly-rearing within your facility.

How to order HiPer-Fly

HiPer-Fly®️ is available upon request. Please get in touch via sales@betabugs.uk with an indication of facility scale, egg quantity (kg) and your desired timelines – we will consider facilities being established up to 2023.