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REINARTZ : Insect Processing – Innovative Process for Protein-Rich Yields



Insect Processing – Innovative Process for Protein-Rich Yields


An interview with our employee, Bernd Pütz from the technical sales department at REINARTZ.

How does insect processing take place at REINARTZ?

Bernd Pütz: “We at REINARTZ are experts in processing of insects, in particular dry process. In dry processing, the insects are deactivated after harvesting and then dried. Over the years, we quickly understood that this type of processing corresponds to the oilseed processing we are familiar and successful with.
Our expertise in cold pressing covers countless seeds, whether unpeeled or peeled. A recent topic is plant-based protein, which is absolutely trending now. We are currently able to successfully process all known insect species as they are used for commercial purposes. These include BSF larvae, mealworms yellow or lesser, crickets or silkworm pupae.

Successful processing here means that the dried insects are degreased to such an extent and in a repeatable, process-safe manner that the protein meal obtained can be further processed industrially.”




Why does REINARTZ specialise in black soldier flies?

Bernd Pütz: “Of course, we have a lot of experience with the other species. But over the years and with around 40 insect projects realised, we have been able to implement the majority of projects with BSFL. Our most recent projects, for example, have included not only single processing machines, but also entire processing lines after insect rearing, as well as the engineering that can go into a complete insect factory. This is where we currently see our strength, we can plan a complete insect project at BSFL with our expertise and engineering skills.”


Reinartz Insect Processing Unit

Why should customers choose REINARTZ?

Bernd Pütz: “We have the experience. We are actively involved in the insect scene, including networking or e.g. directly addressing insect start-ups. We have learned in the last years how important it is to listen to the project owners from the beginning. We are very frank and open, so that everyone from start-ups to long-term insect entrepreneurs can approach us, if we haven’t already done so ourselves. Listening means entering into a mutual exchange and working out the status of the project together and always understanding the very unique project definitions set by the location.


“We at REINARTZ are experts in processing of insects, in particular dry process.” – Bernd Pütz – REINARTZ


After all, when we implement the project, we deliver proven technology, reliable equipment that is simple and flexible in operation and handling.

For example; once dried the larvae are already a saleable product!


For more information about REINARTZ , please read pages 31-32of Beta Buzz #2 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information on REINARTZ, please contact info@reinartz.de or visit their website www.reinartz.de/en/