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REINARTZ : Insect Protein – Tomorrow’s Sustainable Food

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Insect Proteins: Tomorrow’s Sustainable Food

Due to the high population growth and the associated lack of protein, the world is facing a major challenge that we at REINARTZ meet with protein extraction from insects. Offering solutions for insect processing has become one of our core competences. With the dry processing of insect larvae we extract insect meal and clean insect fat. Starting with the wet larvae you’ll go to a drying, defatting and filtration process to extract the insect meal and fat. As part of dry processing there is a drying step to remove most of the moisture off the insect larvae prior to the mechanical separation of lipids. Compared to wet processing, dry processing has an impact on operational costs and capital expenditure. In addition to that, dry processing influences product qualities of the different fractions recovered.


“We are happy to undertake trials and find suitable solutions for your business model in our technical centre.” – REINARTZ


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Many insects, but especially the meal worm and the black soldier fly, are suitable for processing. Black soldier fly larvae have the highest potential for animal feed production.
They are particularly rich in protein, amino acids and have a high proportion of saturated fatty acids. This makes it a natural high-quality feed for pets, fish, poultry and pigs with the potential to become an important source of protein for humans.


Where do REINARTZ come from?

We are specialists for cold pressing technology, focused on the production of vegetable oil, plant-based proteins, the mechanical drying of biomass and the processing of insects. Based in Neuss – Germany we are a classic mechanical engineering-company with our roots in the manufacturing of screw presses. We have expanded our business to offer customized machines, engineering and consulting for complex projects. With a team of over 50 employees and a history since 1853, we can proudly say for dry processing of insect larvae, the highly efficient Reinartz presses and filtration systems make us the market leader in Europe.



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Alternatively, contact Reinartz directly: info@reinartz.de or visit www.reinartz.de/en/