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Start Up Spotlight : Beta Bugs Ltd


Company: Beta Bugs

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Founding year: 2017

CEO/Founder: Thomas Farrugia

Tech summary
Beta Bugs are working on developing and distributing new breeds of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) to farmers. BSF is a key circular source of protein for poultry, aquaculture and livestock; the larvae can be fed on organic waste thus converting it to protein for animal consumption. Beta Bugs are looking to become the genetics partner to the BSF industry – starting with their flagship breed HiPer-Fly®️. Specific traits have been selected for, resulting in increased larval size, shorter development time and greater egg production and hatchability.

The initial idea for Beta Bugs came to Thomas whilst he was working towards his Chemistry PhD at the University of Bristol. Thomas then joined Deep Science Ventures in 2017 where he began to look into the insect protein supply chain and horizontal supply chains. He concluded that focusing on genetic technology could open up a scalable opportunity within the BSF market. Following a stint at Rothamsted Research, the company has now found its home in Edinburgh and works closely with the Roslin Institute.

Vision and progress
Profitable, scalable and impactful; ultimately, Beta Bugs want to see impactful and sustainable change in the agriculture sector. Beta Bugs have just released their very first issue of the Beta Buzz, a publication for the insect farming industry, and have recently pitched at the Food Tech Congress.

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