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SKOV : A Reputation To Be Proud Of

SKOV laser test


A Reputation To Be Proud Of


Better Insect Solutions is a joint brand of Inno+, Skov and Big Dutchman. All three companies are leading technology suppliers in their different branches of the agribusiness and complement each other’s product ranges perfectly.

Who are we?

Since the beginning, 50+ years ago, SKOV has gained a reputation of being at the forefront of climate and farm management systems for livestock production.

The sale of ventilation solutions for poultry and pig houses began in 1966, thus establishing the foundation of today’s SKOV. Since then, new systems and products have been developed and today we are a world leader in our field. Our headquarters in Glyngoere, Denmark has been expanded on several occasions and today there are more than 450 employees. At the same time, a net of subsidiaries and sales managers has been established in 25 markets, making SKOV a global partner in modern livestock production.

SKOV laser test
Air physical test center at SKOV HQ in Denmark. Since 2020, several insect production and equipment tests on e.g. crates have been conducted providing insight on key factors in relation to the climate system such as air resistance, air flow and air distribution.

The importance of good climate

Insects are cold-blooded animals that are very dependent on the temperature and humidity of their surrounding environment to ensure their well-being.

Climate control is key to ensuring the up-scaling of insect farming both locally and at an industry level – without proper control of ventilation, heating, humidity, and removal of emissions the insects will not be able to deliver consistent performance and output.

Large-scale insect farming is vertical farming with a high production output per square meter – up to several ton larvae per year. This set-up produces a significant amount of heat that needs to be controlled to keep the experienced temperature of the insects at a physiological optimum. Compared with the heat production in a chicken house, insect farming of black soldier fly larvae can produce >10-15 times more heat depending on the local conditions.

The global insect market

International production volumes are still small compared to other production areas in the feed and food sector. However, according to various recent market analysis reports, the insect sector has an expected annual growth of 30-40% – estimated to reach a global production volume of over 1,000,000 ton protein and fat per year by 2030.


“As part of Better Insect Solutions, SKOV is on a mission to support the scale up of insect production.” – SKOV


Our climate technology and management systems provides a key element in that context supporting the well-being of the animals and creating the foundation of stable production at large-scale.

For more information about SKOV , please read pages 19-20 of Beta Buzz #2 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information on SKOV, please visit www.skov.com/climate/insects/