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SPR AgTech : Developing Parts for the Insect Rearing Industry

black soldier flies laying eggs

SPR AgTech

Developing Parts for the Insect Rearing Industry


Led by engineers from the insect production industry, SPR AgTech focuses on special engineering for dedicated purposes, developing functional parts for insect rearing industry, as well as trading technologies for agricultural applications.

The SPR AgTech Focus

SPR AgTech focus on advancing functional parts to support small to medium size pilot facility development with exploratory objective and limited budget. They also supply to full solution providers such as automation designing companies to make sure the functional units are fully adapted for the purposes.

Hardware Product Lines

SPR AgTech have hardware product lines including black soldier fly reproduction, feedstock preparation, multi-species rearing structure, and product development.

Trays with BSF larvae in feed
Multiple trays with black soldier fly larvae in feed/substrate

SPR AgTech Keystone Products Developed for the Black Soldier Fly Industry:

  • BSF-4C Series LED for BSF Reproduction
  • AML-16 SMC Stackable Pan
  • BSF Mating Cage System
  • Mobile Feeding Cart
  • Feeding Station
  • BSFD Series Sifter for BSFL
  • Rotary Oven
Black soldier flies laying eggs


“Our products are supporting over 200 BSF facilities across the world with various demands..” – SPR AgTech


SPR AgTech Black Soldier Fly Equipment

The BSF Pan – An economical and practical solution for BSF rearing

The SPR AgTech Pan is designed for smart agriculture development, utilising future-proofed agricultural techniques to improve production output and create a more efficient operation.


The Legs

Racks are no longer needed as the legs and the pan come together as a set, in order to simplify operations and to also make the process safer.

Smart Pan for the Future

The SPR AgTech pan is designed for potential smart agriculture development, using future-proofed agriculture techniques to improve production output, and exploit sensors and other IoT technologies to create a more efficient operation.

Insect Rearing

With countless products in the insect breeding market (mealworms, BSF, buffalo worms, and flies, etc), SPR AgTech have designed a high degree of standardization tray – the Smart Pan to accommodate different insects in the market. The Smart Pan is economical and is a practical solution in the future.



Black Soldier Fly Breeding LED – Designed for stimulating BSF mating behaviour

SPR AgTech’s breeding LED can be used as the the sole lighting source for black soldier fly mating. It can also be used as a supplement in addition to other light sources such as natural sunlight.

Current distribution channels with continuous expansion;



For more information about SPR AgTech , please read pages 17-20 of Beta Buzz #4 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information on SPR AgTech and their products and equipment, please contact info@spr-agtech.com