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Technology Network : Driving Innovation in Insect Farming


Driving Innovation in Insect Farming



Insect farming is garnering increasing interest in the agri-food sector as the world looks to meet the growing demands for protein in a more sustainable manner. Just like with plant and livestock farming, insect breeding programs can significantly enhance yield and quality, helping the industry to scale.

What benefits can insect protein offer? How are regulatory frameworks impacting innovation in this field? And what can be done to drive further advances? Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Farrugia, chief executive officer of Beta Bugs Limited – a company specialized in black soldier fly breeding – to answer these questions and more.

Anna MacDonald (AM): Can you tell us about some of the main benefits of insect protein compared to animal or plant sources?

Thomas Farrugia (TF):
I’ll primarily talk about “insects as feed”, i.e., used as a protein source for feeding fish, pigs and chickens, whose feeds primarily comprise soya and fishmeal, amongst other ingredients.


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