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The Herald: Beta Bugs Are Flying in the Face of Food Convention

Beta Bugs flying in the face of food convention

Most of us associate Belgium with its own very distinctive regional gastronomy – some of the world’s best beer, mussels and hearty stews such as beef carbonnade.

But when Thomas Farrugia visited Antwerp a decade ago, he tried something altogether more exotic: insects from a street stall. It started him on a journey which has turned him into one of Scotland’s most innovative food and drink entrepreneurs.

He is now the CEO of Beta Bugs, a fast growing company based at the Roslin Innovation Centre near Edinburgh, where Dolly the sheep was famously created. His aim is to help develop insect farming, initially as a source of protein for the animal feed industry, but with other uses in the future.

“We are a developer and distributor of the black soldier fly”, he explains. “The aim is to market new and improved breeds of these in order to produce proteins that can be used as a sustainable feedstock. There is huge potential there.”

He compares his company’s production and marketing of insect eggs, with research and development is ongoing and commercialisation about to ramp up, with the way chicken production works.

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