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VISCON INSECT TECHNOLOGY : Fully Utilize the Potential of Insect Farm Automation



Fully Utilize the Potential of Insect Farm Automation


Empowering insect farmers is at the heart of  Viscon Insect Technology: seamlessly automating your logistics flow, guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

In addressing the challenges associated with manual neonate dosing within insect farms, Viscon now present Entodose, a sophisticated yet pragmatic neonate dosing system crafted to make neonate dosing easier and more cost efficient.



Say goodbye to manual dosing inefficiencies as Entodose ensures impeccable precision at high speed, achieving up to 450 crates per hour with an average deviation well below 5% when dosing, for instance, 1 gram. Customize the dosing amount according to specific requirements, ranging from 0.5 grams to 10 grams and above if needed.


“The integrated software facilitates the definition of optimal settings for achieving an ideal balance between speed and precision.”


Irrespective of whether you operate a startup or an established industrial farm, Entodose caters to farms of varying sizes. The cost-efficient solution provides a viable means to augment your production processes. Complemented by their conveyor system, Entodose seamlessly integrates into your insect farming logistics, offering a streamlined and efficient workflow.



A division of the Viscon Group, specialized in delivering advanced logistics solutions tailored for insect farms. With a storied history in agro & food automation, their foray into insect farming began in 2014. Since then, they have been at the forefront of developing pioneering logistics systems for farms globally, ranging from pilot scale to industrial facilities.

Offering an extensive range of innovative solutions in:

  • Crate and pallet handling
    Innovative systems facilitating the stacking, conveying, and tipping of crates of diverse designs and sizes.
  • Fully automated warehouse systems
    Single and multi-level storage solutions featuring shuttle systems and automated forklift trucks.
  • Larvae & frass handling
    From tipping trays to sieving and transporting larvae and frass, we provide comprehensive solutions. Now, with Entodose, we also automate the neonate dosing process seamlessly.
  • Crate cleaning
    In collaboration with Unifortes, we offer fully automated cleaning systems for crates, pallets, egg grids, and crate inlays.
  • Factory intelligence software
    Efficiently manage your production from the operator room using our software. Plan, execute orders, and control the entire process with product traceability.


Viscon Insect Technology

For more information about VISCON INSECT TECHNOLOGY, please read pages 13-14 of Beta Buzz #4 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information about VISCON INSECT TECHNOLOGY, please visit the website www.viscon.eu/markets/insects

Contact Viscon Insect Technology today to unlock the potential of Entodose and our other automation solutions!