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VISCON INSECT TECHNOLOGY : The Backbone of your Automated Insect Farm

Viscon Insect Technology


Scale up with Viscon Insect Technology’s automated logistics solutions;

the backbone of your automated insect farm


Once you start to build your insect farming business you will probably also start to think about automation of your crate flow. Viscon Insect Technology support insect farmers with such considerations. We design and realize such processes, ranging from semi-automated to fully automated BSF and mealworm farms.

At what time in your farm development is automation the right choice? First, it’s important to understand the benefits. Compared to manual operations, automation first of all enables you to produce a lot more without hiring extra staff. As a consequence, it lowers operational expenditures. Furthermore, machines improve predictability and consistency and create better working conditions for your staff. No need anymore for heavy lifting. It’s also important to understand that automation can be a gradual process. For each type of scale we can offer solutions, to make sure your investments fit with your business case.


Viscon Insect Technology
Logistics solutions – From idea to realization and beyond

Who Are Viscon Insect Technology?

The Viscon Group is an internal logistics solution provider for indoor farming. We are active in automation of for example greenhouses and vertical farms. In all our markets crate and pallet handling solutions are key. In 2014 we started our activities in the insect industry, when we were contacted by Protix to develop their pilot farm. In the meantime we’ve built the logistics system for several farms, including industrial scale sizes. Nowadays the Viscon Insect Technology team offers solutions for pilot scale facilities up to the biggest farms in the world for mealworms and black soldier flies.


Viscon Insect Technology Solutions

  • Crate and pallet handling
    Diverse range of handling systems for (de)stacking, (de)palletizing, conveying and tipping. We handle crates from various designs and sizes, up to pallet-size.
  • Single and multi-level warehouse systems
    We offer storage solutions for the various stages in nursery, rearing and reproduction phase. Our portfolio consists of shuttle systems and automatic forklift trucks, which can be deployed for single and multi-level storage.
  • Crate cleaning
    Together with Unifortes, a Viscon company, we supply fully automated cleaning systems for crates, pallets, egg grids and crate inlays.
  • Harvesting
    We offer bulk conveying to and from the sieving station and we can also integrate the separation machines.
  • Reproduction
    Our handling solutions can be integrated with your reproduction strategy for BSF and mealworms. Depending on your approach, we investigate how to automate this flow with our handling portfolio and custom robotics solutions.
  • Factory Intelligence software
    Our software enables you to manage the production from your operator room. Plan and execute your orders from here and control the process with track and trace and visualization software.

The Viscon Insect Technology Approach

We take care of moving, storing and cleaning crates throughout the insect production cycle. Based on our track record and experience we’ve developed specific solutions for this industry.
We deliver integrated solutions including system design, our own portfolio of machines, third-party machines and software integration.


Viscon Insect Technology


For more information about VISCON INSECT TECHNOLOGY, please read pages 15-16 of Beta Buzz #3 – The MUST-HAVE Insect Farming Publication

Alternatively, for more information about VISCON INSECT TECHNOLOGY, please visit the website www.viscon.eu/markets/insects