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Beta Bugs Launches Beta Buzz

 Shining a light on the insect farming industry

Beta Buzz was launched by Beta Bugs Ltd to shine a light on the ever-growing insect farming industry. As firm believers in a horizontal supply chain, coupled with sector specialization, Beta Bugs saw an opportunity to help the sector address some of the questions regarding the farming of the Black Soldier Fly for new entrants into the market and farmers who want to diversify into the insect farming industry and supply an alternative, sustainable source of feed to their animals.

Climate change and global heating have recently come to the fore, especially due to COP26, which is the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow this year. Many believe that urgent action is required to reduce emissions to avert the growing climate crisis. The insect farming industry is helping to combat three major areas contributing to our damaged climate: food waste, deforestation and carbon emissions.

Insect farming involves breeding, rearing and harvesting insects which can be used for a number of purposes, including a protein rich ingredient for animal feed. Adopting insects as feed plays a role in cultivating a circular economy approach in food production, while vastly improving the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the aquaculture and livestock sector globally.


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